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The National Coalition of Native American College Placement Services is a non-profit organization owned and operated by Native Americans providing college placement assistance to Native American high school graduates.  The strength of the NCNACPS is that we are a nationwide organization connecting students from more than 1,000 Native American tribes to colleges and universities across the nation.

There are two divisions that focus on Athletic and Academic qualifications of the Native American student:
Welcome to the NCNACPS
National Coalition of Native
American Athletes

Student athletes also
qualifying for collegiate sports.
National Coalition of Native American Students

High school graduates seeking
all Higher Education degrees.
S  T  U  D  E  N  T
T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S
San Francisco State University, nursing.

"The NCNAS has helped me feel confident that I will get accepted to the university of my choice. They helped me financially as well, I have received two scholarships from their list of recommended scholarships. I love my student endorsement because getting accepted to and paying for college can be very challenging but the NCNAS makes the process easier."

Oregon State University, University Club Lacrosse Goalie.

"NCNAA is connecting me to scholarships to help with paying tuition and helping me pursue athletics in college. They connect me to coaches and have useful information."

National USTA Jr. ranking #130.
Currently seeking university placement.
Click on Austin's photo to see tennis video.

"I think I can be more confident when I meet coaches and I like having this initial introduction made before I begin contacting schools. I think my college choice is very important and I want to find the college that is the best fit for my goals as an athelete and a student. I have found the detailed instructions on preparing for my SAT test very helpful. It pays to be guided on what the deadlines are and I am excited to be organized as I get ready to start my junior year in high school. As a Native American in the sport of tennis I want to try to be the best example of what can be accomplished in my sport if you work very hard and I hope others will see that there are many benefits such as traveling all over the country and meeting kids from every state."

California State University San Marcos

"The NCNAA has helped me have an opportunity to play the sport Basketball I was interested in, also gave me great scholarships to apply for. It's really helpful all around when entering the college world."

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