501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN# 45-3802735
N C N A C P S   C o l o r s
We have produced our logo by combining contemporary art with traditional Native American meanings.
The WEST direction
The EAST direction
The SOUTH direction
The NORTH direction
Scroll over the colors to reveal their meanings.
The Red Path -The red line surrounding the green circle represents the Native American student as he or she travels to college.  They go full circle and return back home with an education and college experience prepared to lead in their community.

The Six Red Arrows going East and West represents the coalition of the NCNACPS fulfilling our mission to help Native Americans to obtain Higher Education across the nation.
As our feet walk the Earth, we are all connected.
As we look upwards, we see the sky and share the heavens and stars.
The Six Directions are represented by six colors.