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A narration by Steve Ussery (Vietnam Veteran of the USS Arikara ATF-98, "Big Uss") on the inspiration for the scholarship fund. Painting (left) by White Shield School art teacher.
See behind-the-scenes photos of the upcoming documentary directed by Justin Deegan of Thunder Revolutions Studio LLC.
The real impact of racist mascots and team names on native youth.
As AIVMI works to create a memorial for Native American veterans in Washington D.C., the NCNAS is conducting this years essay contest on the subject of "Honoring A Native American Veteran" in which every student's essay that is submitted will be featured in the new museum.
A college and career fair supporting student athletes seeking higher education and collegiate teams.
A college and career fair organized by proud partner of the Jim Thorpe Native American Games, NCNAA.
The NCNAS is working to increase the Native American college population through the Learn & Lead Program. See pictures of their booth at the trade show in San Diego!
The NCNAS attended the United Nations Conference on Indigenous Peoples in Washington D.C.!
W H A T ' S   N E W S   T O D A Y ?

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See pictures of the second annual MHA United College Fair! Over 500 students from Fort Berthold schools bussed to the Northern Lights Building in New Town, ND to attend!
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This year the National Congress of American Indians 2014 Convention & Marketplace was held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 26-31! See pictures of this amazing event!
Click on the pics to see more pics!
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See pictures of the 2013 Raleigh, North Carolina Native American Heritage Celebration. Remember, November is Native American Heritage Month!
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F I R S T   U N I T E D   M H A   N A T I O N   C O L L E G E   F A I R
Be invited to our next college fair! We have three upcoming events! All you have to do is
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The NCNAS Dare to Dream essay contest was launched in December 2013. Eight students were selected as winners and taken to Washington D.C.!
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The 2014-2015 NCNAS Essay Contest was developed to feature Native American Veterans. The contest awarded the top 10 essay winners an educational trip to visit the exact location where Native American Veterans will be honored in the National Mall in Washington D.C.!
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Juniors and seniors of the Fort Berthold Reservation Schools attend a college fair hosted by the NCNACPS. Colleges from all of the country including MHA educational programs as well as casinos joined in to make this college fair a success.
2014 White Shield School, Taylor & Frankie Wilkinson, Top two graduates accepted to United Tribes Technical College (UTTC).
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The NCNAA & NABI (Native American Basketball Invitational) came together to make this college fair a success. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, 1600 Native American athletes attended and met with 28 colleges and universities admissions recruiters, coaches, and scholarship opportunities at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort.

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Friends, family, and crew members of the USS Arikara ATF-98 (Vietnam wartime tugboat) developed this scholarship Fund with the NCNAS. The veteran crew members were inspired by the way the Arikara people treated them with an honorable ceremony for their service on the USS Arikara. The USS Arikara scholarship is their gift of $10,000 to help advance the education of Arikara students.

​For the 2015 MHA Nation College Fair held by the NCNAS, 20 universities participated along with the Three Affiliated Tribes Youth Council, the MHA Higher Education Grant Progam & the Chairman's Scholarhip Information.

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Launced in Dececmber of 2013, the NCNAS Essay Contest has continued for it's third year bringing winners to Washington D.C. for a week of memorable experiences.
​Another successful college fair was held at the Forth Berthold Reservation in New Town, North Dakota. Click to see pictures of the colleges and universities in attendance to connect with Native American students.
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NABI (Native American Basketball Invitational) took place in Maricopa, Arizona and was hosted by the Ak-Chin Indian Community.  Universities met with over 1,200 Native student-athletes on Registration Day followed by seminars hosted by the legendary NBA player of the LA Lakers AC Green, and NCNAA Founder & CEO, Laurel Deegan-Fricke.
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Flag Donation Trip to Washington DC's NMAI (National Museum of American Indians).
Previous trips to the museum by these students saw that their MHA Nation tribal flag was not available for viewing with the hundreds of other tribal flags.  These students, officers and members of MHA Youth Council, worked hard fund-raising and with Tribal Council support hand-delivered their tribal flag. Now visible for all MHA members to see when visiting NMAI.