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Washington, District of Columbia - Cara Glover, Dustin Thunder Hawk, Tyleigh Brady, Hailey Yellowwolf, Shania Whitebear, Sedelta Oosahwee, Cassandra Cisneros, Hailey Whiteowl, Laurel Deegan-Fricke, Madisyn Bears Tail, Lavina Maria Miller, Delphine Faith WhiteOwl, Anne Morsette and Frannina Lincoln.
"Everyone JUMP!"
Justin Deegan, pro photographer/videographer documenting 2015 Veterans Essay Contest Washington DC trip. Thunder Revolutions Studio, LLC. Thank you!

Thanks to the wonderful Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund tour guide and Veteran Dan Kirby.
Lunch break at the Hard Rock Cafe Washington D.C.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund arranged a tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall with Veteran and volunteer tour guide Dan Kirby leading the way. Thank you! — in Washington, District of Columbia.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall has inscribed the names of more than 58,000 men and women who sacrificed their lives in service or remain missing.
Vietnam Veteran and tour guide Dan Kirby points out the names of female Veterans to the group of ladies.
Dan Kirby highlights Native heroes of the Vietnam War.

Thank you to Associate Director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education Sedelta Oosahwee for improving education and bringing opportunity to Native students.
Thank you to Special Assistant for Native American Affairs at the White House, Jodi Archambault-Gillette, for reminding the students that, like the blue beads on the MHA Nation Learn & Lead pin symbolize, the sky is their limit!
Representing family and MHA Nation in front of The White House. — with Tyleigh Brady, Hailey Whiteowl, Frannina Lincoln, Lavina Maria Miller, Madisyn Bears Tail, Shania Whitebear, Delphine Faith WhiteOwl, Anne Morsette and Hailey Yellowwolf in Washington, District of Columbia.
THANK YOU to the men behind the wheel and behind the camera, Justin Deegan and Dustin Thunder Hawk--trusty chaperones, chauffeurs, body guards, and Starbucks locators.
Jason Giles Executive Director of the National Indian Gaming Association giving a tour of the new offices under construction--a great presence for Indian Country in Washington DC!
Executive Director Jason Giles commending the students' work
A big thank you to the National Indian Gaming Association staff for sharing about their work for Indian Country and providing snacks after a busy day.
National Coalition of Native American Students CEO Laurel Deegan-Fricke and National Indian Gaming Association Executive Director Jason Giles give advice on college and career.
Great discussion at National Indian Gaming Association
Thank you National Indian Gaming Association for your work for Indian Country and supporting Higher Education for Native Youth.
The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC

Taking over the Hard Rock Cafe Washington D.C. before afternoon meetings
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund CEO Jim Knotts came in to meet the students.
MHA Nation Student Essays will be featured in the Education Center at the Wall to honor their Veterans.
Tyleigh listens to the plans for the Education Center at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Office.

Frannina is proud to share about her Native Veteran's story
Education Specialist Reema Ghazi at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund office shares about the upcoming Education Center at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The Center will honor Native Veterans.
Lavina admires objects that have been left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall since 1982. Objects range from flags and hats to wedding bands and even a motorcycle.
Group photo op outside the Embassy of Tribal Nations at National Congress of American Indians. Proud to be joined by Wilma Mankiller Fellows Cesar Alvarez of the Three Affiliated Tribes and Joel Chastain of the Chickasaw Nation.
Sharing the Veterans Essay portfolio with Cesar, recognizing some of his relatives are the featured Veterans.
Cesar Alvarez at the Embassy of Tribal Nations at the National Congress of American Indians
Senator Heidi Heitkamp talks with our students. Thank you!

Senator Heidi Heitkamp, it was great to talk with as each student shared their Veteran Essay with her first hand.

The MHA Nation Learn & Lead pin is our gift to all those who gave of their time and wisdom. G o to college and Learn, come back to the community and Lead. The blue beads represent the potential of our Native Youth that the SKY IS YOUR LIMIT.
A special thank you to Hanni, maker of the beaded pins.
Cesar Alvarez discussing federal affairs and Indian Country
The group is privileged to sit down and speak with the inspirational staff of the US Environmental Protection Agency including EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Acting Assistant Administrator of the Office of International & Tribal Affairs Jane Nishida, and Three Affiliated Tribal Member and Director of American Indian Environmental Office JoAnn Chase.
Lavina (right) and Gina McCarthy (left) wearing the MHA Nation Learn and Lead Pin
Lavina Maria Miller at the United State Capitol
So much history at the United States Capitol, you have to sit down.

All feet in at the United States Capitol at the exact geographic center of Washington DC.
Tyleigh, Hailey W, and Cara excited to explore the US Capitol.